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Check out Tetris A (Filter House Remix), newly added as of February 20, 2004.

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Title Length Format Date Software Genre Description
Tetris A (Filter House Remix) 3:53 Ogg�Vorbis�136kbps�(3.97 MB)
MP3�192kbps�(5.33 MB)
February 20, 2004 Jeskola Buzz filter house A lot of people have been humming the Tetris theme lately, so I decided to make a filter house remix. I think that every person who writes electronic music has at one time remixed the Tetris theme.
Normal Form Theme 2:01 Ogg�Vorbis�163kbps�(2,436KB)
summer 2001 Jeskola Buzz post-rock (featuring Jonathan Denmark on bass guitar) This song is the theme of Jon played his bass guitar directly into my soundcard without an amp.
elektro 3:35 Ogg�Vorbis�299kbps�(7,874KB)
11/16/2002 Jeskola Buzz drummy techno This little ditty is drummy to say the very least. An exploration into the hi-hat that never relents.
Not Me 2:20 Ogg�Vorbis�231kbps�(3,972KB)
Summer 2002 Jeskola Buzz acid techno I threw this song together pretty much in one sitting over the summer while I had mono. It's entitled "Not Me" because after I had written I sat back and thought, "Boy, this doesn't sound like me." I hope you enjoy it. It's a mysterious and fun little romp with a bouncy acid line and snappy drums.