Welcome to Grant Hutchins's personal page.

EMAIL ME! [email protected]

I am a former student of Santa Fe High School in Edmond, Oklahoma, (I just graduated)
Next year I will be attending the Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering in Needham, Massachusetts.

My interests include:

  • Electronic music (writing and listening)
  • News
  • Overworking myself
  • Making webpages (although I usually have nothing to put on them)
  • Staying up much too late
  • Learning about random things
  • Not having any more school to go to
  • Playing MAME games
  • Bad, bad puns
  • Giving up with Linux
  • Buying CDs
  • Posting on the MSGBOARD
  • Checking email when I have none
  • Plotting evil schemes with my new roommate at Olin
  • Checking the MSGBOARD when there are no new messages
  • Losing to Kyle on Street Fighter Alpha 3
  • Final Fantasy 9 (I gotta beat it before I leave!)
  • Starring in motion pictures (Normal Form)
  • Housing Souichirou for ten days
  • Downloading needless MP3s
  • Making music videos
  • Late nights at Jon's house with Jim and Austin
  • more to come... (when I think of them)

Band of the moment: Towa Tei
Song of the moment: Ryoko Hirosue - Daisuki
I'm listening to: nothing (Souichirou is sleeping)

MP3 count: 3169
Size: 13.4 GB